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Chiropractic is primarily  based upon the understanding that impairment of spinal joint function causes nerve pressure which can adversely affect any aspect of body function and cause pain.

Spinal joint impairment causes strain which results in increased muscle tightness, disc pressure and nerve impingement.  Spinal joints are commonly injured by falls, motor vehicle collision and sports accidents.

The original injury and years of ongoing strain also causes the development of arthritic degenerative changes, which, although not usually the cause of pain, as is so commonly diagnosed, does complicate the problem.

Muscle tightness causes pain, disc pressure can result in herniation or rupture and nerve pressure causes pain or numbness to radiate into the arm or leg.  Nerve pressure can also impair the function and health of the entire body.

Chiropractors have developed and refined techniques to improve spinal joint impairment, thereby relieving muscular tightness, disc pressure and nerve impingement.  We also recommend appropriate exercise and nutrition.


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